Notice of End of Basic Authentication in Office 365


Microsoft is rolling out basic authentication in Office 365, in 1 October 2022 (details here). Basic authentication can be reenabled only until December 2022.

As so, all OneContact mailboxes using Office 365 email channels must be changed to modern authentication, within this timeframe.


To carry out this procedure, execute the following steps:

1. Activate modern authentication in OneContact by setting parameter UseMicrosoftModern to true (OneContactPortal > System > Component Parameters).

2. Execute a refresh to OneContactPortal browser (F5) to apply this new setting.

3. In OneContactPortal, navigate to real time > shelves and move all shelved emails to the queue.

4. In OneContactPortal, stop all campaigns using Office 365 email channels.

5. One by one, edit the campaigns and delete the Office 365 email channels.

6. Access Office 365 webmail interface and move all emails from runtime folder back to Inbox.

7. Back to OneContactPortal, in each campaign, recreate the Office 365 email channel, as described here.

8. Start the campaigns.

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