Home page

When you login in the Gamification supervision portal you have immediate access to the home page. In here you can find a overview of your Gamification activity. You will find:

  • Activities status - An area with three tabs - Achievements, Quests and Challenges - that shows the status of the activities and to whom they are assigned.
  • Medals Leaderboard - The Medals leaderboard, showing the name, avatar and earned medals by the top earning players.
  • Credits points leaderboard - A list with the top earning players regarding CP.
  • XP leaderboard - A list with the most experienced players.
  • KPIs Table - An overview of the existing KPIs and their previous and current state. This table can be displayed by Players, Teams or Workgroups and by different time frames, such as weeks, months, year, etc.
Tip: Click on the different time frames to see the data for that specific period.



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