Listen in

Listen in lets you eavesdrop on an agent (voice, screen or both) to observe an ongoing interaction in real time. The agent will not be aware of your presence, which is meant for training or service quality improvement purposes.


The Listen in window displays all the listen in requests:


Note: The listen in requests are made on campaigns.


On the Listen in homepage you can:


To manage listen in requests:

  • Select the listen in request by clicking on the row's checkbox.
  • Click on Users_actions.png on the listen in request's row.
  • The following operations are available:
    • Resume - Restarts the listen in request. Whenever the conditions of the listen in request are met, a call is sent to the designated extension.
    • Pause - Pauses the listen in request. Even if the conditions of the listen in request are met, no action occurs (there's no call made to the designated extension).
    • Remove - Deletes a listen in request.


To edit the information displayed:

  • Click on settings_icon.png to open the settings pop-up:
  • On the pop-up:
    • Click on the check box of the information you want displayed.
    • The selected columns have a Settings_pop-up_check.png and are presented on a list on top.
    • The unselected columns have a Settings_pop-up_uncheck.png and are present on a list below.
    • Click SAVE to apply changes.
  • The information available for selection is:

    Id  -  The listen in request identification.
    Campaign  -  The designated campaign.
    Agent  -  The designated agent.
    Timeout  -  How long the listen in mode will be active (after this time, the supervisor will no longer be able to listen to the call or observe the agent's screen). While the timeout does not expire, you may receive several listen-ins.
    Phone number  -  Your extension, where you'll listen to the conversation.
    Listen in mode  -  The type of interaction you want to observe (e.g.: Voice, Screen or both Voice and Screen).
    Status  -  The status of the listen in request: In progress, Paused or Timeout expired.



To refresh the information displayed:

  • Click on Users_REFRESH.png.


To filter the information displayed:

  • Click on Users_filter.png.
  • Select a category from the drop-down menu.
  • On the selected category, click on Users_filtericon.png.
  • Select the desired itens.
Note: Click on Users_filternot.png to delete the filter.