Manage day sets

Day sets define special days. Typically these days are non-working days that are identified as such in routing script timetables. When calls go through script execution and the script tests timetable schedule properties, calendar variables and day sets are compared to the current date, in order to classify the date as InSchedule, Offschedule or NonWorkingDay.

However, if a day set is selected on a working schedule and is set with a start and end time, calls will go through, during the set schedule. 




Click on Management_Daysets_createbutton.png to open the day set pop-up window:


On the day set pop-up window:

  • Insert a name.
  • Click CREATE to apply changes.


Click on User_profile_actions.png to edit the day set profile:


On the pop-up window you can:

  • Edit the day set name.
  • Duplicate the day set list.
  • Delete the day set.


Click on User_profile_edit.png to open the days list pop-up window:


On the days list pop-up window:

  • Click on Management_Daysets_addday.png to open the add day pop-up window.
  • On the pop-up window:
    • Insert the day name.
    • Insert the date.
    • Select if it repeats every year.
    • Click ADD to apply changes.
  • Click on User_profile_deletecampaign.png to delete a day, from the day list.
  • Click SAVE to apply changes.
Note: The day list refers to the selected day set. Selecting other day set shows you another days list.