Manage devices

Devices are the physical phones associated with extensions.

On the Devices page, you can:


Devices list

The Manage devices window shows a list of devices created, along with the selected information about them:



On the devices homepage you can:


To edit the information displayed:

  • Click on settings_icon.png to open the settings pop-up:
  • On the pop-up:
    • Click on the check box of the information you want displayed.
    • The selected columns have a Settings_pop-up_check.png and are presented on a list on top.
    • The unselected columns have a Settings_pop-up_uncheck.png and are present on a list below.
    • Click SAVE to apply changes.

The information available for selection is:

Name  -  The device identification.
MAC Address  -  The device unique identifier.
Model  -  The SIP phone model.
Description  -  The device description.
Tip: Click on a device, from the list, to open that device configuration page.


To refresh the information displayed:

  • Click on Users_REFRESH.png.


To filter the information displayed:

  • Click on Users_filter.png.
  • Select a category from the drop-down menu.
  • On the selected category, click on Users_filtericon.png.
  • Select the desired itens.
Note:Click on Users_filternot.png to delete the filter.





Add Device

Click on Devices_createbutton.png to open the Create device pop-up window:


On the Create device pop-up window:

  • Insert the device name (mandatory).
  • Insert the device description (mandatory).
  • Insert the MAC Address (mandatory).
  • Select, on Model, the physical SIP phone, from the drop-down menu (mandatory).
  • Drag an image file or click to upload an image file.
  • Click CREATE to apply changes and close the pop-up window.
Note: To know how to use devices, click here.


Edit Device

Click on the device, on the list, to open the device Profile:


Edit devices allows you to:


Edit device information

Click on User_profile_edit.png to open the device pop-up window:


Fill in the information and clickSAVE to apply changes and close the pop-up window.


Edit device profile

Click on Users_actions.png to open the drop-down menu:


On the drop-down menu you can:

  • Delete - Delete the auto-attendant.


Configure the device network settings

Click on User_profile_edit.png to open the network settings pop-up window:


On the Network settings pop-up window:

  • Insert the user password.
  • Select the Administrator password.
  • Select, on Use low bandwith code, if the device will use G729 codec or the best audio quality codec.
  • Select, on Automatically assign IP address, if the device will use DHCP to assign IP address or if it will use the provided settings.
    • If you select Use the following settings,  the pop will expand:
    • Insert the IP address.
    • Insert the Subnet mask.
    • Insert the Gateway.
    • Insert the DNS server 1.
  • Click Save to apply the changes and close the pop-up window.


See the device usage

On the device usage you can see the list of users associated with this device.

Tip: Click on a user, from the list, to open that user configuration page.