Managing users

On Managing Users, you can:


Users list

The Manage users page shows a list of users created, along with the selected information about them:


On the Users homepage you can:


To edit the information displayed:

  • Click on settings_icon.png to open the settings pop-up:

On the pop-up:

  • Click on the check box of the information you want displayed.
  • The selected columns have a Settings_pop-up_check.png and are presented on a list on top.
  • The unselected columns have a Settings_pop-up_uncheck.png and are present on a list below.
  • Click SAVE to apply changes.


The information available for selection is:

Username  -  Username attributed to the user. If an email is set as username, the password will be sent to that email and to the tenant's email as well.
Extension  -  The extension attributed to the user.
Roles  -  The user's roles.
Teams  -  The teams the user is assigned to.
Groups  -  The distribution groups the user is associated to.
Full name  -  The user name.
Personal Contact  -  The personal contact of the user.
Campaigns  -  The campaigns the user is assigned to.
OneContactPBX id  -  The user's OneContactPBX identification.
OneContact  -  The user's OneContact identification.


To refresh the information displayed:

  • Click on Users_REFRESH.png.


To filter the information displayed:

  • Click on Users_filter.png.
  • Select a category from the drop-down menu.
  • On the selected category, click on Users_filtericon.png.
  • Select the desired itens.
Note:Click on Users_filternot.png to delete the filter.


To reset an user password:

  • Select the user(s) by clicking on the row's checkbox.
  • On the top right-side of the screen, click on Users_reset.png to reset the user's password.
  • Click on Users_actions.png on the user's row.
  •  Click on Reset Password from the drop-down menu.


To broadcast a message:

  • Select the team(s) by clicking on the row's checkbox.
  • On the top right-side of the screen, click on Icon_broadcastmessage.png to delete the team(s).
  • Click on Users_actions.png on the team's row.
  •  Click on Broadcast message from the drop-down menu.
  • A pop-up window is displayed:
    • On the pop-up window:
      • Insert the desired message.
      • In Category, select the message type, from the drop-down menu.
      • Select the date and time to send the message.
      • Click CREATE to apply.


To delete an user:

  • Select the user(s) by clicking on the row's checkbox.
  • On the top right-side of the screen, click on Users_delete.png to delete the user(s).
  • Click on Users_actions.png on the user's row.
  • Click on Delete from the drop-down menu.


To duplicate an user:

  • Click on Users_actions.png on the user's row.
  • Click on Duplicate from the drop-down menu.


Add User

Add user allows you to create a new user:

  • Click on Users_createuserbutton.png to open the Create User pop-up:
  • On the Create User pop-up window:
    • Drag an image file or click to upload the image file associated with the user.
    • Insert a username (mandatory).
    • Select if password is randomly generated or if chosen by you.
      • If Let me create the password is selected, insert the password.
    • Select if the user has to change the password on the first sign in or not.
    • Insert the user's email.
    • Insert the user's full name.
    • Select if authentication is a single step process or if it requires a personal contact as a second step verification.
    • Insert the user's personal contact (it will be mandatory if 2 step verification is selected).
    • Select the user's profile from the drop-down menu (mandatory):
  • Click CREATE to apply changes and close the pop-up window.



Import extensions

Import extensions allows you to create several extensions at once, from an imported file:

  • Click on Import_extensions.png to open the import extensions pop-up:

  • On the pop-up window:
    • Drag a file or click to upload it.
      • Click on Download extension template to download the file type.
        Note:Click here archive_icon.png to download the file.
      • Fill the file with the information to create the desired extensions.
    • Click Import to proceed.



Edit User

Click on the user, on the list, to open the User Profile:


Select the user's type: