OneContact Portal's header and menu

OneContact Portal has two sections always visible:


OneContact Portal's header provides a toolbar that allows you to perform a series of actions:


Home_tab_expand.png Resize OneContact Portal's menu. Click to hide the menu's description (only the icons will be visible) or to show them.
Home_tab_apps.png Access external applications, such as OneAgent Web and OneContact UC.
Home_tab_Notifications.png Check your notifications.
Home_tab_Language.png Set OneContact Portal's language (English, German, Magyar, Portuguese, French and Spanish available). Click on the flag to select the desired language.
Home_tab_User.png Click to access your profile.


On OneContact Portal menu, you have a list of actions set for your role:




Office telephony CDRs


Interaction history


Manage outbound campaigns


Manage reporting


Monitor in real-time


Manage users

Manage teams

Home_Menu_Campaigns.png Manage campaigns
Home_Menu_Auto-attendants.png Manage auto-attendants
Home_Menu_Distribution_groups.png Manage distribution groups
Home_Menu_Management.png Management
Home_Menu_system.png System
Home_Menu_External_links.png External links



The search box allow you to shortlist the menu actions, in order to quickly get the action you want without the need to go through all the menu:

  1. Insert the action you're looking for. The menu hides all other actions.