Contacts management usecases

Outbound contacts are essentially addresses (phone numbers, emails or data/URLs) used to reach clients. These contacts can be managed from one of two ways:

  • Contact Management (CM): Contacts are inserted or imported into OneContact and managed through contact lists.
  • Contact Web Service (CWS): Contacts are loaded from an outside source through an external web service.

To know how to configure your outbound campaign to get contacts from CM or CWS, click here.


On Outbound, you have the list of the outbound campaigns:


On the table you can see the contact loading type of each campaign

Note: To know more about the Outbound page, click here.


Contact Management

Contact Management loads contact on List Management from the lists created. You can create several lists and start them or stop them at will. There are two ways to populate the contacts list:


Import from file 

  1. Click on Import contacts. A pop-up appears:
    Note: To click on Import Contact, you must select a campaign, and click on Outbound_importContacts_lists_options.png on the desired list, to access the list's available actions. To know more about Lists tab, click here.
  2. Drag the file to the window or click to select the desired file to upload.
    Note: On the pop-up window you can download a .csv file template and fill with your information.
  3. Click on PREVIEW to proceed. A pop-up window with the contacts list appears:
    Note: If a column is out of place you can swap it with other columns, by clicking on the header and using the arrows to move it:
  4. Click on Has headers? to remove the duplicated header.
  5. Click on Generate contact id?.
  6. Click SUBMIT to proceed and upload the contacts. The pop-up closes and the Queue tab is displayed:

    Note: Be advise that when importing a csv with multiple addresses defined in outbound metadata, these addresses must be correctly mapped with intent address type (and, by design, to the address type rule)
    The Queue tab displays the information concerning the uploading attempts of contact files. The status can be:
    • Waiting: The file is being uploaded.
    • Processed: The file was uploaded successfully.
    • Error: The file was not uploaded. Check the Reason column for more information.
      Note: To know more about the Queue tab, click here.
  7. The uploaded contacts are displayed on the contacts tab:
    Note: Selecting a contact you can perform several actions. To know more about the Contacts tab, click here.
  8. Select the desired contacts and click Outbound_importContacts_loadcontacts.png to load them to the List Management. The contacts are moved from the Contact management table to the List management table:
  9. Click on the Lists tab:
  10. Check the list's state. If it is started, then the contacts are ready to be launched.
    Note: To know more about the Lists tab, click here.


Insert manually

  1. Go to Contacts tab.
  2. Click CREATE CONTACT. A pop-up appears:
    On the Create contact pop-up window:
    • Select the contact state, from the drop down menu.
      Warning: By default the initial state is waiting and if the state is changed, the contact will not be launched.
    • Select the next try date and time (or leave it blank).
    • Select the contact priority (or leave it 0, by default).
    • Select the preferred agent, from the drop down menu (or leave it blank).
    • Insert the contact address (e.g.: phone number).
    • Select if the contact is top priority or not.
    • Select the address type (which maps with the configured address type rule).
    • Select the contact's time zone (use the default, by default).
    • Define the agent's skill for the contact (only available for outbound power and preview campaigns)
    • Select the list the contact is to be assigned to, from the drop down list.
    • Click CREATE to proceed.
  3. The contact is placed on the Contact management list:
  4. Select the desired contact and click outbound_view_13.png to load the contact to the List Management.
  5. The contacts are moved to the List management view:
  6. Click on the Lists tab:
  7. Check the list's state. If it is started, then the contacts are ready to be launched.




Contact Web Service

  1. Click on LOAD CONTACTS to get contacts from your contact web service.
    Note: Keep in mind that to load contacts, the campaign has to be started and at least one agent must be logged on and with status Ready on the campaign.
  2. The contacts are displayed in a table:
    Note: The contacts are only displayed and available on the OneContactPortal context until they're launched. After that, they're removed from OneContact database.

To know more about the Contact Web Service table, click here.

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