Agent's overview

There are key features used as an agent in order to improve daily work.




OneContactLogin is the authentication and authorization component of Collab's system, based on OpenID Connect architecture. In OneContactLogin it is possible to increase security when logging in, change passwords and use any other key component with a single click. Find more here.



OneContact Portal is Collab's Cloud Contact Center answer to the needs of our customers. With it, you can tackle the challenges presented without huge investment or knowledge required.

OneContact Portal is a fully-featured omnichannel platform that combines Voice, Video, Chat, E-mail and Social Media campaigns management. You can address any type of communication with a single platform and keep your clients history all in one place.

Since OneContact Portal is fully browser-based, no coding skills or software installation are required. Just open the browser and you're ready to go! The site is optimized for a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Security is a major concern, so OneContact Portal is powered by Microsoft Azure, the most comprehensive set of certifications of any cloud service provider. Find more here.


OneContact Agent

Collab's OneContact Agent is a browser-based, thin client agent application. Find more here.



The Quality Monitoring tool is Collab's response to the need for a better quality monitoring in today's contact centers environments, which aims to meet the requirements of legal compliance and/or the performance evaluation of agents, thus complementing OneContact's Portal application. Find more here.