User profile in OneContactLogin

Each user has a profile created on OneContact Login. Accessing directly to OneContact Login, displays the profile:


The profile displays the following:

  • Avatar: The image inserted.
  • Name: The name.
  • Username: The username.
  • Email: The email.
  • Authentication type: Indicates if the authentication is done by single-step or two-step.
    Note: To know where to configure the Two-step authentication, click here.
  • Phone number: The phone number (used to receive a code in case of two-step authentication).
  • Applications: Displays the applications available.
  • Language: The language the information is displayed in.


On the profile page you can:

  • Change the language.
  • Logout from OneContact Login
  • Access an application (from the available).
  • Edit the user information, by clicking on Outbound_contacts_editbutton.png:
  • On the edit pop-up window:
    • Insert an avatar.
    • Insert a name.
    • Insert an email.
    • Select the authentication type:
      • Single-step authentication
      • Two-step authentication
    • Insert the country code of your phone number.
    • Insert the phone number.
    • Select if you want to change password or not.
    • Click SAVE to apply changes and proceed.