Handling sessions

You can start new work sessions, associate them with campaigns, set business outcomes, record your screen and control the wrapup time.

To do this, set yourself ready for a campaign, receive an interaction and go to the Session menu on the sidebar.

session 3.png


Assigning a session to a campaign:

You can assign a session to a campaign in order to contextualize calls in a given campaign or to change or remove the campaign's context. This operation is important for Contact Center administration and performance monitoring.

Suppose that you receive a call from campaign A. After talking to the customer, you find out that the call should belong to campaign B. Since you have the skills needed to answer the call on campaign B, you do not transfer the call to campaign B; instead, you assign it to campaign B and carry on answering the interaction.

The session can then be associated with a campaign by clicking the Assign Service button button_not_ready_reasons.png and selecting a campaign from the drop-down list.

With this new session, you can set a Business outcome at the end of the interaction by clicking the button_not_ready_reasons.png and selecting a business outcome from the drop-down list.


You can also, for instance, create a new e-mail (if an e-mail account is associated), or initiate a Supervisor Help operation in a campaign’s context.

If the campaign is set to open agentscript when an interaction is added, the script will open once you assign a new campaign to the session. 

session 4.png


Sessions also allow for recording and requesting a Wrapup:

session 2.png


Recording your screen:

You can record screen activity to a file, for later playback, when enabled for the service you're signed on. Screen recording captures whatever goes on in the entire screen throughout the interaction, not just any particular area or window. The interaction’s audio is ignored. 

Screen recording requirements:

  • OneContact Agent opened on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium.

You can start recording an interaction, by clicking the icon:


The button, which may not always be available, is a toggle; stop recording by clicking it as to start:


  • The browser asks the user what the user wants to share.
  • The user can choose to share a screen or a specific app.
For screen recording requirements click here.
Note: The recording starts when the agent accepts the call if the screen recording is configured in agent's context. If the screen recording is configured at campaign level, then the screen recording starts when the call starts ringing.
Note: When screen record is configured and disconnect on recording is activated, if screen sharing fails, the interaction is rejected/hang up.


Controlling the Wrap-up

Wrap-up Time designates the period of time that the system reserves for you to perform the after-call work - in the scope of a campaign - without receiving a new interaction. As soon as the wrap-up time terminates, you become available again, and therefore, eligible to receive new interactions.

The campaign configuration set on OneContact Portal can use one of the following Wrap-up options:

  • Wrap-up Timeout (most common) - you're automatically allocated a time slot (the wrap-up period configured in OneContact Portal) to perform the after-call work
  • Wrap-up on Demand - you need to explicitly inform the system that you'll require some wrap-up time after the current call.

In this scenario, you'll need to click Request Wrapup request_wrapup.png while the phone call is still active, for the system to reserve a certain time slot for you. This option is configured at campaign level and, depending on the system’s configuration, might not be available.

Once in session wrap-up period for a service, you have three options to end the wrap-up period:

  • Wait for Wrap-up Timeout - you wait for the timeout defined in the current service to occur (this timeout is configured per service in OneContact Portal)
  • Click the End Wrap-up icon end_wrapup.png - you click the end wrap-up icon while it is enabled on the left menu bar
  • Insert the Extend Wrap-up Time in the input box. The total Wrap-up time cannot be over the 'Maximum Extend Wrapup Time' defined by the admin/supervisor. 
  • Click the End Session icon  - the current session is closed and wrap-up automatically terminates. After the session is over, it is reported but it is not possible to get any more interactions related to that session.