Handling voice interactions

The session and telephony operations are available on the Readiness toolbar:


Click the following buttons to access the contact handling functionalities for telephony sessions (audio or video calls): 

button_ready_large.png Ready (global) Ready for all campaigns.
button_ready.png Ready Ready for a specific campaign.
button_ready_all.png Ready all Ready for all campaigns.
button_not_ready_large.png Not ready (global) Not ready for campaigns.
button_not_ready.png Not ready Not ready for a specific campaign.
button_not_ready_all.png Not ready all Not ready for all campaigns.
button_not_ready_reasons.png Not ready reason Insert a Not ready reason.
button_signedin.png Signed in Sign in to a campaign.
button_not_signedin.png Not signed in Sign out of a campaign.
button_signin_all.png Sign in all Sign in to all campaigns.
button_signout_all.png Sign out all Sign out of all campaigns.