OneContact Agent user interface

OneContact Agent's main screen appears after you log in to offer four main areas with different functions:



1 - Main toolbar

Holds agent's name and drop-down menu:


Supervisor help button, Messages button and microphone and speakers volume:



2 - Sidebar

Holds the readiness state:



 Holds the dial options:



Agent actions:

  • Press agent to start a new audio interaction.
  • Press agent to start a new video interaction.
  • Press agent to blind transfer while on a call.
  • Press agent to join a conference (available only if the feature is activated).
  • Press agent to start a new email.

In Interaction:

When on a call you can Hangup or place the interaction on Hold.



When an interaction is on hold, you can transfer it, alternate between calls or hold a conference between the three parties.


Interactions can provide additional information, as an extension of the interaction tab. 

context interaction 1.png

If changes are made to an editable field, changes must be saved using the Save button. 

Otherwise you will receive the following pop-up message:

rn 11.png


In Session:

You can assign a service/campaign and define a business outcome.




The expanded Shelf & Queue tab shows the Private Shelf, the Public Shelf and the Queue.



Each tab shows the shelved/queued items. Each line has an icon indicating the media type, from  which address, service and comment (for shelves) or subject (for queues). Hovering the mouse over each of the lines shows the available operations: enqueue, pickup and properties.


Private Shelves with the context icon interaction.png icon, have additional information. 

context interaction 2.png

Pressing the button will expand the interaction:

context interaction 3.png


Pickup next

A shortcut operation, pickup next automatically picks up the next available interaction – this enables you to handle multiple interactions (e-mail or IMs) simultaneously, on a manually controlled way. The icon menu allows to specify the media type of the next interaction to be picked up.

Note: The agent is required to be set as ready and to have Max Simultaneous Interactions higher than 1 for pickup next to work.


Clicking each one of these icons will pick up the next available interaction, according to which one is chosen :

agent icons 1.png

icon 1.png picks up next data interactions

icon 2.png picks up next social interactions

icon 3.png picks up next IM interactions

icon 4.png picks up next Email interactions

icon 5.png picks up next interaction


On Queue, instead of comment search field, you have a subject search field:

On the Comment (shelf) or Subject (Queue)  search field:

  • Insert the desired subject\comment.
  • Click shelf to search by search.


The performance tab displays a list of up to 3 first Key Performance Indicators.
In the example below, your supervisor has created and associated to you the KPIs Service Talk Time, overlapped and Agent_time.
The numeric intervals and their colors are defined at the time of creation.

Click here to learn more about how to manage KPI's. 


3- Main window

Space available to display important information to the agent, for example a campaign script.


4- Status bar.

Runs across the bottom of the window. Shows the server and telephony state.