Agent's feedback

The interactions list displays the agent's interactions that were evaluated. When an interaction has a date and time on the interaction's row, it means the agent already review it:



By clicking on Agent03.png, on an interaction, a pop-up is displayed to select the form:


On the pop-up window:

  • Select the desired form.
  • Click Select form to proceed.
    Note: Forms already reviewed have [Already Evaluated] in front of them.


The evaluation page is displayed:


On this page, the agent can:

  • Click Accept Evaluation, to give feedback. A pop-up window is displayed:
    • On the pop-up window:
      • Insert a comment.
      • Click on Accept Evaluation or Reject Evaluation to proceed.
  • Click on play, on the recording buttons, to access the interaction recording:
  • After giving feedback, the button Accept Evaluation is replaced by Agent09.png. Click on See Evaluation to access the feedback: