Controlling the wrap-up time

Wrap-up Time designates the period of time that the system reserves for you to perform the after-call work - in the scope of a campaign - without receiving a new interaction. As soon as the wrap-up time terminates, you become available again, and therefore, eligible to receive new interactions.

The campaign configuration set on OneContact Portal can use one of the following Wrap-up options:

  • Wrap-up Timeout (most common) - you're automatically allocated a time slot (the wrap-up period configured in OneContact Portal) to perform the after-call work
  • Wrap-up on Demand - you need to explicitly inform the system that you'll require some wrap-up time after the current call.

In this scenario, you'll need to click Request Wrapup request_wrapup.png while the phone call is still active, for the system to reserve a certain time slot for you. This option is configured at campaign level and, depending on the system’s configuration, might not be available.

Once in session wrap-up period for a service, you have three options to end the wrap-up period:

  • Wait for Wrap-up Timeout - you wait for the timeout defined in the current service to occur (this timeout is configured per service in OneContact Portal)
  • Click the End Wrap-up icon end_wrapup.png - you click the end wrap-up icon while it is enabled on the left menu bar
  • Insert the Extend Wrap-up Time in the input box. The total Wrap-up time cannot be over the 'Maximum Extend Wrapup Time' defined by the admin/supervisor. 
  • Click the End Session icon  - the current session is closed and wrap-up automatically terminates. After the session is over, it is reported but it is not possible to get any more interactions related to that session.