Shelving and queuing interactions for later handling

The expanded Shelf & Queue tab shows the Private Shelf, the Public Shelf and the Queue.



Each tab shows the shelved/queued items. Each line has an icon indicating the media type, from address, service and shelf comment. Hovering the mouse over each of the lines shows the available operations: enqueue, pickup and properties.



Clicking each icon picks up the next interaction: data, social, instant message, email or voice.



On Queue, instead of comment search field, you have a subject search field:

On the Subject search field:

  • Insert the desired subject.
  • Click Queue_Subject_search.png to search by search.


Pickup next

A shortcut operation, pickup next automatically picks up the next interaction on queue – this enables you to handle multiple interactions (e-mail or IMs) simultaneously, on a manually controlled way. The icon menu allows to specify the media type of the next interaction to be picked up.

Note: The agent is required to be set as ready and to have Max Simultaneous Interactions higher than 1 for pickup next to work.