Outbound Contact Operations - Rescheduling a Contact

To reschedule a contact attempt, click the Reschedule ContactSchedule32x32.png button on the session operations toolbar. A pop-up window will appear requesting the following information:

  • Address - specifies an additional destination contact number. This field is optional. In case it is filled-in, the specified address will be used only on the next contact attempt (it is not saved on the customer's profile)
  • Address Type - indicates the address type for the specified number (mobile, landline, etc.)
  • Date and Time - the scheduling for the contact attempt
  • Preferred agent - specifies that the contact attempt should preferably be made by the current agent. If you're not logged and ready by the time the contact attempt is marked for execution, the contact is not made. The system holds on for you to become logged and ready to perform the contact attempt once again
  • Top Priority - specifies that you rescheduled the contact attempt at the client’s request. This flag means that it is imperative to re-contact the client at the Rescheduled Date (NextTry) specified by the client.