Agents header and menu in OneContactPortal

As an agent, you have access to OneContact Portal to monitor your Contact Center activity. By default, the available features are the ones displayed on this sections. However, our System Administrator can configure to add or subtract features.

OneContact Portal has two sections always visible:


OneContact Portal's header provides a toolbar that allows you to perform a series of actions: 

Home_tab_expand.png Resize OneContact Portal's menu. Click to hide the menu's description (only the icons will be visible) or to show them.
Home_tab_apps.png Access external applications, such as OneAgent Web and OneContact UC.
Home_tab_Notifications.png Check your notifications.
Home_tab_Language.png Set OneContact Portal's language (English, German, French, Magyar, Portuguese and Spanish available). Click on the flag to select the desired language.
Home_tab_Agent.png Click to access your menu.


Profile menu

  • Click My profile to access your profile.
  • Click Report a problem to report any issue you may find when using OneContactPortal to Collab.
  • Click to access the pop-up of display preferences that lets you select how the cards and information are displayed:
    • On the pop-up window:
      • Select between Normal and Compact.
        • In Compact mode/avatars/images are not shown, the margins are shorter and the text is smaller.
    • Click SAVE to apply.
  • Click Logout to log out of OneContactPortal.


On OneContact Portal menu, you have a list of actions set for your role:




Interactions history

Agent_users_menu.png Users > My details
Home_Menu_Management.png Management > Notifications
Agent_externallinks_menu.png External links


The search box allows you to shortlist the menu actions, in order to quickly get the action you want without the need to go through all the menu:

  1. Insert the action you're looking for. The menu hides all other actions.