OnePortal header

The OnePortal header provides a toolbar that allows you to navigate through the portal and perform a series of actions. The header is always available from any point of the OnePortal:


In the header you can:

  • Minimize the vertical menu bar. By clicking on Header_minimize.png the vertical menu bar shrinks to hide the section's names, leaving only the section's icon visible. Click again to expand.
  • See your name. Make sure you're properly logged as your name is displayed on the menu bar.
  • Access other OneContact WFO modules. Click on Header_modules.png to select the OneContact WFO modules from the drop-down menu.
  • Change the OnePortal language. Click on Header_language.png to select the language from the drop-down menu.
  • Logout of OneContact WFO. Click on Logout.png to logout.


Notifications are displayed on the header bar (on the right), when there's news about the following:

  • notification1.png Constraint notification: When there is a new information concerning constraints.
  • notification2.png Trade notification: When there is a new information concerning trades.
  • notification3.png Holiday notification: When there is a new information concerning holidays.
  • notification4.png Message notification: When there's a new message for you.
Note: The number indicates how many notifications require your attention. the symbol ... indicates that here are more than 99 notifications.
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