Main screen

After the login, the main screen is shown. The main screen is divided into three areas:




On the header you have the following elements:

  • Menu (1) - Displays the following actions:
    • Remove - Removes services from the supervisor:
      • Click on remove_button.png to remove the desired service.
    • Add - Adds services to the supervisor:
      • Click on add_button.png to add the desired service.
    • About - Displays the OneSupervisor Mobile version:
    • Timezone - Displays the available timezones:
    • Language - Displays the available languages:
    • Help - Displays the integrated help screen:
      • Click on the Backarrow.pngFrontarrow.png or the ball.png to move through the help topics.
    • Logout - logs out of the application.
  • Service type/date (2) - Displays the service types (inbound or outbound) and the date concerning the data displayed.
    • Click on datearrow.png to open the calendar a choose a different date.
  • Refresh (3) - Refreshes the data shown.




On the body (5) you have the following fields:

  • Metrics (4) - Displays the metrics concerning the data shown. Available metrics:
    • Inbound services: 
    • Service Level: The rate towards the target service level.
    • Previous Service Level:  The rate towards the target service level on the day before.
    • Offered Calls: The amount of offered calls.
    • Total Queue Time: The amount of time calls spent on queue.
    • Handle Time: The amount of time handling calls.
    • Average Queue Time: The average time a call spends on queue.
    • Abandon Rate: The rate of calls disconnected by the clients.
    • Outbound services:
    • Success: The success rate (the ratio between calls made and calls connected).
    • Success Day Before: The success rate from the day before.
    • Success per hour: The amount of calls connected per hour.
    • Average Preview Time: The amount of time spent by agents previewing a call before answering it.
    • Connected: The rate of calls connected.
    • Service Unavailable
    • Canceled: The rate of calls canceled.
    • Nuisance: The Nuisance ratio.
    • Contacts Canc. Dist.: The amount of calls canceled
    • Contacts discarded: The amount of calls discarded.
    • Contacts Done: The amount of contacts completed.
    • Contacts Failed: The amount of contacts with failed outcome.
    • Contacts Rescheduled: The amount of calls rescheduled.
    • Contacts RolledBack: The amount of calls rolledback.
  • Services list (5) - Displays the services for the selected type (inbound or outbound) with the data from the selected metric.
    • Click on a service to get the service data:
    • Click on dayweekmonth.png to swap the data:
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
    • Click on one point from the graph to get the data to that date and time:
    • Click on the KPIs to display the graph:
      • Service Level: The rating towards the target service level.
      • Calls Offered (clicking again changes the metric): Total number of interactions (in the queue) that were assigned to a given service.
        • Calls Handled: Number of calls handled by agents.
        • Calls Rejected: Number of calls rejected by the Contact Center (due to offworking hours, for example).
        • Calls Overflowed: Number of calls overflowed (transfered to another service).
        • Calls Abandoned: Number of calls disconnected by the client.
      • Avg Queue Time (clicking again changes the metric): The average time calls spent on queue.
        • Avg Abandon Time: The average a call stays on queue before the client disconnects.
        • Avg Ringing Time: The average time before the agent accepts a call.
        • Avg Handle Time: The average time to handle a call.
      • Handled Rate (clicking again changes the metric): The average of handled calls.
        • Abandon Rate: The average of abandoned calls.
        • Overflow Rate: The average of overflown calls.
        • Rejected Rate: The average of rejected calls.
      • Agents Ready (clicking again changes the metric): The number of agents in ready state.
        • Agents Available: The number of agents in available state.
        • Agents Busy: The number of agents in busy state.
        • Agents inWrapUp: The number of agents in wrapup state.
        • Agents NotReady: The number of agents in not ready state.
    • Click on Previous or Next to change between services.


Note: Rotating the phone, displays more information, where data comparison (actual and the day before) is shown:

On the screen, you can:
on dayweekmonth.png to swap the data interval.
Click on Previous or Next to advance or regress the date. 



On the footer (6) you have the services types:

  • Inbound - Click to display the inbound services.
  • Outbound - Click to display the outbound services.