OneContact UC installation

To install OneContact UC:

  1. Unzip UC binaries (installation package) to the desired folder.
  2. Copy OneContactUC folder to C:\inetpub\wwwroot.
  3. Edit web.config file to configure the necessary parameters (connection string, IMServerAddress, log path, PresenceServer URL, etc.).
  4. Edit connectionString to point to your OnePBXProvisioning database. Eg:
    <add name="OnePBXDatabase" connectionString="data source=localhost;initial catalog=OnePBXProvisioning;user id=OneContactUser;password=OneContactUser" />
    data source=your_VIP_or_IP
  5. Edit Log Path (if necessary):
    <add key="AppLogPath" value="C:\Collab\Logs" />
    Note: Since installations usually have the same paths, the log path should be already with the proper value.
  6. Change to your WS SipConnector parameters:
    <add key="SIPConnectorWS" value="ws://localhost:8080" />
  7. Change localhost to your parameters (VIP or IP):
    <endpoint address="http://localhost/OnePBXMobileExtensions/PresenceServer.asmx" binding="basicHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="PresenceServerSoap" contract="OnePBXMobileExtensions.PresenceServerSoap" name="PresenceServerSoap" /
  8. Save configurations @web.config.
  9. In IIS, create Application Pool OneContactUC (example name) with the following configuration:
    • .NET CLR version: v4.0
    • Manage Pipeline Mode: Integrated
    • Built-in Account: NetworkService
  10. Change OneContactUC folder to Application.
  11. Associate Application to newly created AppPool.
  12. Browse to your OneContactUC WebApp (https://your_dns_or_IP/OneContactUC).