Outbound Predictive call

The following sequence diagram describes a typical outbound predictive call scenario. The scenario can be resumed in the following steps (step numbers are annotated in the diagram):

  1. ListManagement has a contact ready for execution; ListManagement requests ServerManager to create a session.
  2. ListManagement requests a make contact predictive to ServerManager.
  3. ServerManager processes the request and forwards it to CallControl.
  4. CallControl invites destination – INVITE sent to OneProxy.
  5. OneProxy applies outbound routing rules and forwards the INVITE to the appropriated media gateway.
  6. Destination accepts the call.
  7. CallControl sends a Call::PredictiveWaiting event to ServerManager.
  8. ServerManager sends an event to router signaling that the session is ready for distribution.
  9. Router searches for an appropriate available agent and requests a deliver to ServerManager.
  10. ServerManager reserves the agent and creates the agent session – events sent to OneAgent.
  11. Deliver request is sent to CallControl.
  12. CallControl invites OneAgentWeb, through OneSIPConnector and sends Call::Inviting event to ServerManager.
  13. ServerManager evolves the agent state to busy and the agent session state to connecting – events sent to OneAgent.
  14. OneAgent accepts call.
  15. CallControl re-invites the destination and connects it to OneAgentWeb, through OneSIPConnector; Call::Connected event is sent to ServerManager.
  16. ServerManager evolves the agent session state to Working.
  17. Deliver callback is sent to ServerManager and Router indicating that the operation was successful.