Data tier - File System (Storage)

Files required by OneContact components are kept in the File System Storage.



  • Script Storage – the routing scripts (script and configuration files) are saved in the scripts folder. Binary files (scripts or external assemblies) are saved in the bin sub-folder.
  • Media Storage – the media (.avi and .wav) files played in the IVR and Hold operations are saved in the media folder.
  • Recording Storage – the interaction recording files are saved in the recording folder.


Relations to other modules

  • File System Storage – OneContact Web Services: save OneXML and .NET routing scripts.
  • File System Storage – Script Engine: provide OneXML and .NET routing scripts and configuration files and external .NET assemblies.
  • File System Storage – OnePark: provide audio and video media files.
  • File System Storage – OneMedia: save audio files.
  • File System Storage – OneMediaCompressor: provide un-compressed audio recording files and save compressed audio recording files.
  • File System Storage – SiteWebAccessor: provide and save recording media files.




Performance & Scalability

  • File System (Storage) scales horizontally by adding more disk space.
  • File System (Storage) disk space usage is affected by the number of scripts, media files and interactions recorded.



Depends on the underlying storage architecture.



The File System (Storage) directory structure is manually created.