OneContact Application Server - List Management

List Management manages outbound campaigns, contact loading and execution (dialing in preview, power, and predictive mode).



  • Reschedule a contact.
  • Discard an address of a contact or the entire contact.
  • Provide the address list of a contact.
  • Provide the list of valid operations for a contact.
  • Get contacts from contact’s source.
  • Create and launch outbound sessions.


Relations to other modules

  • BaseService: get configuration and location information.
  • ServerManager: To get service information and to create or cancel outbound sessions.
  • StatisticsServer: To get the contact center statistics necessary to calculate the number of sessions to launch.
  • CallControl: To get the maximum allowed sessions to launch (due to gateway congestion/restriction).
  • TimerService: To create redundant timers.
  • Notifier: receive notifications.
  • Provisioning Database: read and write provisioning information.
  • Reporting Database: read and write reporting information.




Performance & Scalability

  • List Management scales horizontally by adding more machines to a load balancing farm.
  • The ListManagement CPU usage is affected by the number of ready agents in outbound services.
  • The ListManagement memory usage is affected by the number of ready agents in outbound services.



N+1 redundancy or failover cluster.



  • List Management component runs inside OneContactService service.
  • OneContactService can be deployed in Intel x64 or AMD machines running Windows Server 2016.