OneContact Application Server - OneWatchDog

The OneWatchDog component is responsible to check that the other OneContact components are up and running.



  • Ping SIP components.
  • Ping server components (TCP/IP OneSocket connection).
  • Restart components if not responding.


Relations to other components

  • Connects to any OneContact component that exposes a SIP or TCP/IP OneSocket connection.
  • Components must be running on the same machine (physical or virtual).


Performance & Scalability

  • The OneWatchDog CPU usage is affected by the number of components that it’s monitoring and it frequency. Very low CPU usage.



Failover cluster



  • OneWatchDog can be deployed in Intel x64 or AMD machines running Windows Server 2016.
  • OneWatchDog is deployed as a windows service.
  • Must be installed on each machine (physical or virtual) that contains components to be monitored.