OneContact Application Server - Timer

This component provides timers management for OneContact components. Redundant components (the stateless components that can be load balanced) use this component to trigger the timers in a random component node.



  • Allows components to set timers. When setting a timer it’s possible to specify the due time, the period, the handler to be called upon the timer trigger and a failover handler that will be invoked when it’s not possible to invoke the handler.
  • Timers can be cancelled.
  • Timers due time and period can be changed.


Relations to other modules

  • ServerManager, Statistics, Router, MessageControl and BaseService sets timer in this component.
  • Timer tracer communicates with Notifier to register for events and to receive them.
  • Timer communicates with a SNMP Trap Receiver to send SNMP traps upon anomalous situations.




Performance & Scalability

  • Timer scales vertically by adding CPU power and or memory.
  • CPU will increase accordingly to the number of simultaneous requests made to the component as well as the number of timers being triggered at the same time.
  • Memory will increase accordingly to the number of timers set.



Failover cluster



  • Can be deployed in Intel x64 or AMD machines running Windows Server 2016.
  • Installed as a windows service.