Web applications - OneAdmin

OneAdmin is a web application for system administration, instance boot/shutdown, monitoring and system parameter configuration.



  • Boot and Shutdown system
  • Boot and Shutdown instances
  • Create and Configure instances
  • OneProxy Configuration
    • Parameters
    • Extensions
    • Routing Rules
    • Security users
    • Providers and Gateways
  • OneContact Configuration
    • Applications
    • Sites
    • Alarms
    • Calculator
    • OnePark
    • OneMedia
    • Maintenance tasks
    • License Control
    • Storages
    • Trace and Component parameters
    • Other relevant configurations (advanced tab)


Relations with other modules

  • OneAdmin (client) – OneAdmin (server): standard client/server HTTP connection.
  • OneAdmin (server) – BaseService: get configuration and location information.
  • OneAdmin (server) – Notifier: send and receive notifications.
  • OneAdmin (server) – System database: read and write OneContact system configuration.
  • OneAdmin (server) – Proxy database: read and write OneProxy configuration.




Performance & Scalability

  • OneAdmin scales horizontally by adding more machines to a load balancing web farm.
  • The OneAdmin CPU usage is affected by the number of connected users.
  • The OneAdmin memory usage is affected by the number of connected users.



N + 1 redundancy.



  • OneAdmin is a web application; there’s no client side installation.
  • Requires flash player.
  • OneAdmin server is deployed in IIS.