Client Applications - OneAgentWeb

OneAgentWeb is OneContact’s agent application. It includes a WebRTC softphone, allowing the application to act as a SIP endpoint (when paired with SIP connector) for different media (audio, video, instant messaging…). The application provides full call control capabilities (dial, answer, hang-up, hold, retrieve, extend, transfer, alternate, conference) for every media type. It allows an easy integration with third party applications such as CRM and other existing corporate systems.



  • Login/Logout.
  • Ready/Not Ready control (with not ready reasons) per service.
  • Full call control capabilities (answer, hold, retrieve, extend, transfer, alternate, conference and hang-up).
  • Multiple media handling (Voice and video calls, e-mail, social media and instant messaging).
  • Wrap-up control via timeout and/or agent indication.
  • Personal wallboard with individual versus team and service productivity, statistics, as well as queue status.
  • Optional media termination. The agent can have only the soft phone or use either a SIP hard phone or any device reachable from the SIP domain (for ex. cell phone).
  • Media Options: volume control, mute/unmute, device selection (audio and video).
  • Automatic updates.
  • Business application integration per service via URL invocation with query sting parameters (ANI, DNIS, Session ID, etc.).
  • CRM integration (e.g. Salesforce, Sugar, Microsoft CRM).


Relations to other modules

  • OneAgent’s softphone communicates with OneSIPConnector or OneProxy for the SIP signaling.
  • OneAgent’s softphone establishes RTP streams with the OneSIPConnector, OneMedia, OnePark, Media Gateways and any other endpoint in the SIP cloud.
  • OneAgent – BaseService: upon startup to get location and configuration information.
  • OneAgent – ServerManager: to perform the entire agent and call operations; OneAgent receives agent and call state change notification through ServerManager also.
  • OneAgent – Notifier: to receive configuration changes notifications.
  • OneAgent – Statistics: to get statistical data that is shown in the user interface.
  • OneAgent – OneContact Web: to check and download updates.
  • OneAgent – ScreenRecorder: used for screen recording.




  • OneAgent is a web application; there’s no client side installation.
  • OneAgent server is deployed in IIS.



Performance & Scalability

  • OneAgent scales horizontally by adding more machines to a load balancing web farm.
  • The OneAgent CPU usage is affected by the number of connected users, instances (hosting), number of logged agents.
  • The OneAgent memory usage is affected by the number of connected users, instances (hosting), number of logged agents.



  • N + 1 redundancy.