Packaging Model

The next table describes the distribution/packaging model of the OneContact solution.

Component Type Package
OneAgentWeb Web application OneSetup
OnePhone Web application OneSetup
OneSupervisor Web application OneSetup 
OneAdmin Web application OneSetup 
ClickToInteract Web application OneSetup 
BaseServiceHost Web application OneSetup 
WebServiceHost Web application OneSetup
SiteWebAccessor Web application OneSetup 
OneProxy Windows Service OneSetup
OneMedia Windows Service OneSetup 
OneMediaCompressor Windows Service OneSetup
OnePark Windows Service OneSetup 
OneSIPConnector Windows Service OneSetup 
BaseService Windows Service OneSetup 
Script Engine Windows Service OneSetup
ServerManager Windows Service OneSetup
Router Windows Service OneSetup
ListManagement Windows Service OneSetup
MessageControl Windows Service OneSetup
Statistics Windows Service OneSetup
CallControl Windows Service OneSetup 
Notifier Windows Service OneSetup 
Timer Windows Service OneSetup 
Importer Service Windows Service OneSetup 
OneWatchDog Windows Service OneSetup 
System Database DatabaseDeployer
Provisioning Database DatabaseDeployer
Reporting Database DatabaseDeployer
Logging Database DatabaseDeployer
Proxy (Provisioning) Database OneProxyDatabaseDeployer
OneSIPConnector Database OneSIPConnectorDatabaseDeployer


It’s possible to configure, via OneAdmin, which elements to run. For example, it’s possible to split the Statistics component from the other OneContactService components.