Outbound Power call

The following sequence diagram describes a typical outbound power call scenario. The scenario can be resumed in the following steps (step numbers are annotated in the diagram):

  1. ListManagement has a contact ready for execution; ListManagement requests ServerManager to create a session.
  2. ListManagement requests a Distribute to ServerManager.
  3. ServerManager sends a Session::Distribute|Routing event to Router.
  4. Router searches for an appropriate available agent and requests a deliver to ServerManager.
  5. ServerManager reserves the agent and creates the agent session – events sent to OneAgentWeb (Server).
  6. ServerManager sends Session::AssignAgent|Assigned event to ListManagement.
  7. ListManagement request a MakeContact to ServerManager.
  8. ServerManager request a MakeCall to CallControl.
  9. CallControl invites OneAgentWeb (Client), through OneSIPConnector and sends Call::Inviting event to ServerManager.
  10. ServerManager evolves the agent state to busy and the agent session state to connecting – events sent to OneAgentWeb (Server).
  11. OneAgentWeb (Client), through OneSIPConnector accepts call.
  12. CallControl invites the destination and re-invites OneAgentWeb (Client), through OneSIPConnector connecting them; Call::Connected event is sent to ServerManager.
  13. ServerManager evolves the agent session state to Working.
  14. MakeContact callback is sent to ServerManager and ListManagement.
  15. Deliver callback is sent to Router indicating that the operation was successful.