Data tier - Reporting OLAP cube

OneContact’s OLAP cube feeds on Provisioning and Reporting databases to provide pre-aggregated, analytical information in an efficient fashion. It is used by OneContact in the Standard Reports and can also be accessed by end-users to make their own User Reports.



  • Reporting data – provides reporting data with several inbound-, outbound- and agent state-related measures, categorized by the following dimensions:
    • Team
    • Service
    • Agent
    • Supervisor
    • Media Type
    • Time (in 15, 30 and 60 minutes and 1 day periods)
    • Not Ready Reason


Relations to other modules

  • OLAP Cube – Provisioning database: read entity information.
  • OLAP Cube – Reporting database: read reporting information.
  • OLAP Cube – Statistics: periodically aggregate un-aggregated reporting data.
  • OLAP Cube – Report Server: provide data for reports.




Performance & Scalability

  • OLAP Cube (MS Analysis Services) scales vertically by adding more CPU or memory to the machine.
  • The OLAP Cube (MS Analysis Services) CPU usage and memory stress are affected by the number of reports executed and the number of entities (agents, services, teams, etc.) and interactions.



Failover cluster.



  • OLAP Cube is deployed using Microsoft Analysis Services.
  • Microsoft Analysis Services is a component Microsoft SQL Server.