Data tier - Provisioning database

The OneContact provisioning database stores all instance provisioning and runtime information.



  • Store instance provisioning information (agents, services, teams, etc)
  • Store instance runtime information


Relations to others modules

  • Used by all OneContact Server components to read configurations and store runtime information.
  • Used by OneSupervisor to read and write instance provisioning information.


Performance and Scalability

  • Can be scaled vertically by adding CPU’s, memory and disks to SQL Server machine.
  • Since there’s a provisioning database for each OneContact instance, the system can be scaled out by using several SQL Server machines.
  • The CPU, memory and I/O usage is affected by the number of simultaneous agents and calls per second.



Failover cluster



  • Requires Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • There must be a Provisioning database for each OneContact instance.

There’s no dependency to other OneContact databases; it can be deployed in a separate SQL Server instance.