OneContact Application Server - MessageControl

Establishes the communication between OneContact and an external e-mail server and handles operations over e-mail interactions.



  • E-mail routing – receives incoming e-mail interactions, creates the respective sessions and handles e-mail delivery process.
  • E-mail handling – provide e-mail handling operations (send, reply, forward, transfer) and property retrieval (from, to, subject, etc.).


Relations to other modules

  • MessageControl – External e-mail server (Email Server, eg: yahoo, gmail): retrieve, send, reply, forward, create emails and search contacts.
  • MessageControl – ServerManager: send CreateSession and GetRoutingEmails requests. Receive session (Deliver, Reject, Cancel, etc.), e-mail (Send, Reply, Reply All, etc.) and contact (GetContacts, CheckContacts, etc.) requests.
  • MessageControl – WebServiceHost: receive email properties and operations requests.
  • MessageControl – Notifier: register for and receive configuration and service state changed notifications. Send Mail notifications.
  • MessageControl – Timer: set timers for accept timeout tasks. Receive the respective callbacks.
  • MessageControl – BaseService: receive System and Instance boot and shutdown requests. Get storage and location information.
  • MessageControl – Provisioning database: read and write configuration and runtime information.
  • MessageControl – System database: read and write runtime information.
  • MessageControl – Domain Controller: search and validate directory entries (contacts).
  • MessageControl - Social Media: Social media integration, retrieve posts, direct messages, reply comments and likes.
  • MessageControl - OneSIPConnector: receive and send direct messages from and to Facebook.




Performance & Scalability

  • MessageControl scales horizontally by adding more machines to a load balancing farm.
  • The MessageControl CPU usage and memory stress are affected by the number of mailboxes, emails and email operations.



N + 1 redundancy or failover cluster.



  • MessageControl can be deployed in Intel x64 or AMD machines running Windows Server 2016.
  • MessageControl is deployed as a windows service.