OneContact Application Server - Router

Router matches the sessions (calls, e-mails Social media or IM interactions) that arrive to OneContact with the available agents, choosing the best agent for each session.



  • Session management – Manage the queue of sessions waiting to be delivered to an agent intelligently sorted according to properties such as the requested service, the time in queue, the required skills, the physical site of origin, and priority. Choose the best session in the queue for a specific agent when he becomes available.
  • Agent management – Manage the set of available agents waiting for sessions to arrive intelligently sorted according to properties such as the idle or availability time, the skills and the physical site. Choose the best agent for a specific session when it is enqueued.
  • Queue context reporting - Report of Enqueue request properties.


Relations to other modules

  • Router – ServerManager: send session AssignService, Deliver and Reject and agent Set Ready (Not Answering) requests. Receive Agent and Session notifications.
  • Router – Statistics: get runtime statistics.
  • Router – Script Engine: send RunScript request and No Agents On Service notification. Receive AssignService, Enqueue and Re-Enqueue and LastAgent requests.
  • Router – Notifier: Send session enqueue and dequeue notifications. Register for and receive configuration changed notifications.
  • Router – Timer: set timers for periodic tasks. Receive the respective callbacks.
  • Router – BaseService: receive System and Instance boot and shutdown requests. Get storage and location information.
  • Router – Provisioning database: read and write configuration and runtime information.
  • Router – Reporting database: write QueueContext reports. Read LastAgent information.
  • Router – System database: read site information.
  • Router – SNMP Trap Receiver: send SNMP Traps upon anomalous situations.
  • Router – MS Message Queuing: write reports when database is inaccessible and read reports when the database becomes accessible.




Performance & Scalability

  • Router scales horizontally by adding more machines to a load balancing farm.
  • The Router CPU usage and memory stress are affected by the number instances, sessions in queue, available agents, cascade rules, agent and session skills and sites.



N + 1 redundancy or failover cluster.



  • Router can be deployed in Intel x64 or AMD machines running Windows Server 2016.
  • Router is deployed as a windows service.