OneContact SIP Cloud - OnePark

OnePark plays audio and video welcome messages, announcements and music on hold. OnePark is also capable of collecting DTMFs.



  • Play – Plays audio or video files. Support’s the G.711, G.729, iLBC, Speex (audio), H.264 and VP8 (video) codecs. This functionality may be used to provide music on hold and IVR messages.
  • Collect DTMF’s – Collects DTMF’s and inform OneContact server IVR.
  • TTS and STT - Speech to text and Text to speech. A plugin system where Microsoft congitive services is integrated out of the box. Since it's a plugin system it can be integrated with other engines.


Relations to other modules

  • OnePark communicates with CallControl, through OneProxy, using the SIP protocol.
  • OnePark establishes RTP stream with a number of endpoint and media gateways.
  • OnePark uses BaseService to retrieve location and configuration information.
  • OnePark reads media files from the file storage.




Performance & Scalability

  • OnePark scales horizontally by adding more machines to a load balancing SIP farm. The first SIP INVITES go through the load balancer, but the subsequent messages go directly to the physical node that received the first one.
  • The OnePark CPU usage is affected by the number of simultaneous call and the codec used in the RTP streams. G.729 uses more CPU than G.711.
  • The OnePark memory usage is affected by the number and type of simultaneous operations (record, conference and listen-in).



N+1 redundancy or failover cluster.



  • OnePark can be deployed in Intel x64 or AMD machines running Windows Server 2016.
  • OnePark is deployed as a windows service.