Web applications - OneSupervisor

OneSupervisor is a web application for contact center instance-level administration, supervision and monitoring. OneSupervisor provides real-time statistics on agents, services and teams. The application also enables the configuration of a contact center instance: inbound and outbound services definition, business administration, contact management, routing scripts configuration and instance configuration parameters.



  • Provisioning
    • Agents
    • Teams
    • Services
    • Skills
    • Supervisors
    • Not Ready Reasons
    • Day Sets
    • Routing Scripts
    • Blacklists
    • Address Types
    • Contact Rules
    • Administrators
    • Roles
    • Component parameters
    • Sites
    • Workstations
    • Media Management
  • Monitoring
    • Standard views
    • Custom views (editor and runtime)
    •  Reporting
      • Interactions History
      • Reporting (Standard and Custom)
      • Call Volume
    • Contact List Management
      • Contact List setup – metadata
      • Import Contacts
      • Queue Monitor
      • Manage Contacts


Relations with other modules

  • OneSupervisor (client) – OnePhone: launch OnePhone using the COM interface; set’s the supervisor extension.
  • OneSupervisor (client) – OneSupervisor (server): standard client/server HTTP connection.
  • OneSupervisor (client) – SiteWebAccessor: depending on the recordings and web client location, the client connects to the SiteWebAccessor to stream the audio recordings.
  • OneSupervisor (client) – Proxy Viewer: used to view screen recordings; Proxy Viewer connect then to the Proxy Networks Gateway to stream the recording.
  • OneSupervisor (server) – BaseService: get configuration and location information.
  • OneSupervisor (server) – ServerManager: to perform agent and service operations (set ready/not ready, start/stop services).
  • OneSupervisor (server) – StatisticsServer: to get the contact center statistics shown in the monitoring screens.
  • OneSupervisor (server) – Notifier: send notifications.
  • OneSupervisor (server) – SiteWebAccessor: to get the audio recording files.
  • OneSupervisor (server) – OneContact WebServices Host: to get OneXml scripts and configuration.
  • OneSupervisor (server) – Provisioning Database: read and write provisioning information.
  • OneSupervisor (server) – Reporting Database: read reporting information.
  • OneSupervisor (server) – Logging Database: to register auditing events.
  • OneSupervisor (server) – Microsoft Reporting Services: to show standard and custom reports.
  • OneSupervisor (server) – Microsoft Message Queue: used when the reporting database is not accessible to temporarily store reporting information.
  • SiteWebAccessor – File System Storage (Recordings): to read recording files from the file system.




Performance & Scalability

  • OneSupervisor scales horizontally by adding more machines to a load balancing web farm.
  • The OneSupervisor CPU usage is affected by the number of connected users, instances (hosting), number of logged agents and started services.
  • The OneSupervisor memory usage is affected by the number of connected users, instances (hosting), number of logged agents and started services.



  • N + 1 redundancy.



  • OneSupervisor is a web application; there’s no client side installation.
  • Requires flash player.
  • OneSupervisor server is deployed in IIS.