Architecture overview

The OneContact product suite is a distributed system. It follows classical three-tier architecture, with presentation, logic and data tiers.


In the presentation tier we have the OneAgent, OnePhone, OneSupervisor, OneAdmin, ClickToInteract applications. These are the client applications used by the different contact center users: agents, supervisors, administrators. The applications are web based, running in a standard web browser.

In the logic tier we have the server side components responsible for all contact center operations. These components can be clustered in three major groups: the OneContact SIP cloud, the OneContact Application Server and the OneContact Web.

The SIP cloud components are: OneProxy, OneMedia, OnePark and OneSIPConnector. These components manage SIP calls, each one with specific responsibilities. They interact with third party media gateways that interface with other networks.

The OneContact Application Server is composed by the following components: CallControl, Notifer, Timer, Importer Service, ServerManager, Router, List Management, MessageControl, Statistics, Script Engine and Media Compressor.

The OneContact Web contains OneSupervisor server, OneAdmin server, ClickToInteract, OneAgentWeb, OnePhone, OneContact Web Services and SiteWebAccessor.

In the data tier we have the OneContact databases and OLAP Cube, SMTP/IMAP server and the file system. The OneContact Databases (System, Provisioning, Logging, Reporting, Proxy and OneSIPConnector) and Reporting OLAP cube are all hosted by Microsoft SQL Server. OneContact uses the file system to keep the OneXML routing scripts, media files for playback and recordings. SMTP/IMAP server is used to store and manage emails.


The following diagram details each single component and groups them by type giving an overall picture of all OneContact components: