OneContact Overview

OneContact is a multimedia IP Contact Center solution for voice, video, e-mail, social media and instant messaging communications. OneContact was developed using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), the de facto standard for multimedia communications. Its standards-based architecture makes it future-proof and allows for easy integration with hardware and software components from multiple vendors.

On the server side, OneContact’s main components are OneProxy, the Back2Back User Agent, the Intelligent Router, Outbound List Management (Automated Dialer), and Statistics and Provisioning. On the client side we have two graphical user interfaces: OneAgent and OneSupervisor.

The OneProxy module manages the SIP cloud (Proxy, Registrar, Redirect and Location), linking the various hardware components: gateways, soft phones, phones and media servers.

Call control is implemented using the B2BUA (Back2Back User Agent) SIP concept. OneContact functionalities can be easily integrated with any standard SIP cloud.

The Intelligent Router distributes all inbound and outbound interactions (voice, video, instant messaging and e-mails) among the agents, following very flexible routing rules for each service, which are easily defined in flowcharts by a business user via a graphical user interface.

The Automated Dialer component manages outbound campaigns. It controls the outbound contacts’ list, synchronizing the data with third party CRM applications. Alternatively, contact information can also be imported from Excel data files using the CSV format (comma separated values). The Outbound List Management component uses several dialing methods to improve the agents’ productivity: power, preview and predictive dial.

The Statistics & Provisioning module provides historical and real-time information on contact center activity through standard and customized reports. Agents and services are created and managed in a straightforward manner, in a single point, through a web application.

With the OneAgent application, agent gets full call control (answer, hang-up, hold, retrieve, extend, transfer, alternate, conference) for video and voice calls, using a soft phone. The PC is the only tool the agent needs. OneAgent can be fully integrated with CRM application interfaces or in customer-specific application front-ends.

OneSupervisor is a web-based application to manage and monitor OneContact. It allows single-point provisioning of agents and services; monitors contact center activity and enables the participation of the supervisor in interactions with the customers, via listen-in and conference functionalities.

Customers can use landline phones, cell phones, PCs or any SIP-enabled device to contact call centers powered by OneContact.

In this IP Contact Center architecture, agents and supervisors may be located anywhere, linked through an IP connection. With this architecture, they are not limited by geography, i.e. they can be located in multiple sites, with remote supervision, while keeping a single queue per service and centralized management.

With OneContact, the contact center service can be offered in a Hosted model, as a network service. In the Hosted model, the network service provider (NSP, usually a telco) provides the contact center infrastructure and functionalities to enterprises linked to its network.

These corporate customers do not need to invest in dedicated software and hardware – its agents are linked to the contact center infrastructure, owned and managed by the NSP, through an IP link.

The software and hardware architectures are fully redundant, with no single point of failure, delivering an always-on solution.