KMG Analytics

KMG Analytics is a tool for call classification. The call classification system analyzes signaling and audio messages for all calls, before and after answering, to analyze calls made with the greatest possible precision. To know more about AMD systems, click here.

To configure KMG Analytics:

  1. On OneSupervisor, go to Main > Configuration > System Management > Component parameters.
  2. Edit the MachineDetectionEnable parameter and set the value to KhompAMD.
  3. Click Finish to apply changes.
  4. Go to Main > Configuration > Business Management > Contact rules.
  5. Create a contact rule with the flag DetectVoiceMail enabled.
  6. Click Finish to apply changes.
  7. Go to Contact Rules > Forwards Reasons and map the forward reasons (check the Khomp classifications list).
  8. Click Finish to apply changes.
  9. Associate the contact rule to an Outbound Predictive or Outbound IVR service.
Note: In Khomp Analytics configurations, if a classification (behaviour) is a reason to disconnect the call, the chosen action must be Notify or Answer, to allow CallControl to receive the classification. The Khomp gateway should not disconnect the call.

If OneSipConector is used (between OneContact and Khomp AMD), it is necessary to add the following configuration:

<add key="HeadersToCopy" value="…;X-Khomp-Analytics-CC;" />


Khomp classifications (Prefix)

  • Voice mail
  • Fax
  • Timeout
  • Answering machine
  • Interception signaling
  • Interception announcement
  • Forward announcement
  • Unknown announcement
  • Portability identification
  • Ringback signal
  • Short human answer
  • Long human answer
  • No speech