Provisioning Cisco/Linksys hardphones

To configure a Cisco/Linksys phone, proceed as follow:

  1. Connect the phone to your network.
  2. In the phone, go to Setup and navigate to Network.
  3. Inside Network, look for the phone IP.
  4. Back at your computer, access to the phone IP through your browser.
  5. If required, login in the phone administration page as an Admin.
  6. Inside the admin page, click in advanced.


  7. In the advanced mode, select the Provisioning tab.
  8. In the Provisioning tab, fill in the Profile Rule with the following:
    • Profile Rule - [--key "(1)"]http://(2)/(3)/$MA.xml where:
      • The key (1) is configured on AutomaticProvisioningTerminalGlobalKey.
      • The URL (2) is configured on the WebServiceURLForConfigFile.
      • The path (3) (general is the path by default) is configured on AutomaticProvisioningTerminalGeneralDirectory. 
  9. In the Transport Protocol, select http.


  10. Click Submit All Changes and then reboot your phone.
  11. Access again your phone Administration page, by typing the phone IP in your browser.
  12. Check if the Profile Rule changed to [--key "new generated key"]http://(2)/Config/Client[ID]/$MA.xml
    where the [ID] is your client id.
  13. If so, click Submit All Changes .
  14. Reboot your phone again to finish the configuration.