The OneForecast's homepage shows you the list of created forecasts:


On OneForecast homepage, you can:


Create a new forecast

To create a new forecast:

      1. Press the Homepage_new.png button.
      2. The forecast creation wizard pop-up will appear:
      3. On this pop-up:
        • Insert a name (* - mandatory).
        • Insert a description.
        • Insert a start date (* - mandatory).
        • insert an end date (* - mandatory).
        • Click Homepage_next.png to proceed.
      4. Select the forecast type:
      5. On this pop-up:
        • Select if the service type:
          • Inbound
            • Select the forecast type:
              • Intelligent Trend Line:
                • Minimal historical data of 18 months.
                • Has two main steps:
                  • Creates a trend line (linear regression) in the number of interactions that arrived last year in the contact center, in order to know and predict how many will arrive in the coming weeks.
                  • Create a moving average for each week of the year for each historical year to learn the seasonality factor and apply it to the value calculated in the previous step.
              • Intelligent Quick React:
                • Minimal historical data of 13 months.
                • Does the following:
                  • Computes the difference between the demand in the last weeks of historical data to the demand in the same period last year.
                  • Apply this difference in value to the same period last year as the forecasting period (ex: if we want to predict in November 2010 it applies the factor of difference calculated in the previous step to the historical data of November 2009).
              • After those initial steps, both algorithms perform the same steps to reach the numbers of interactions arriving at each 15 minute interval:
                • Calculate the weekly pattern and divide the interactions set for each week in the number of interactions for each day.
                • Calculate the daily pattern for each day for each day of the week and divide the number of interactions for each 15 minute interval.
                • Calculate the impact of possible holidays.
              • History Period
                • This method is normally used when there isn't sufficient history data to generate an intelligent forecast.
                  • If History Period selected, insert start date and end date.
              • File
                • It's possible to base the forecast on an Excel template. The template (download here) must contain the demand and average service time data for the forecasting period in 15 minutes intervals.
                  • Click CHOOSE FILE to upload an Excel File.
          • Outbound
        • Select if the forecast is based on another service history.
          • If Base on another Service History is checked:
            • Select the service from the drop-down menu.
            • Insert the end date.
        • Click Homepage_next.png to proceed.
      6. Drag and drop the service(s) from the Available Services to Added Services:
        Tip: You can select the desired services and click Homepage_newforecast_services_one.png to move them to Added Services or click Homepage_newforecast_services_all.png to add all available services.


Open a forecast

To open a previously created forecast:

  1. Select the desired forecast, by left-clicking on it, from the list.


Duplicate a forecast

To duplicate a previously created forecast:

  1. Select the desired forecast, by clicking on the check box.
  2. Click on the Homepage_newforecast_duplicatebutton.png button.
  3. On the pop-up window:
    • Insert the new forecast's name.
    • Insert the new forecast's description.
    • Click Homepage_newforecast_duplicate_popupbutton.png to proceed.
      Note: The fields will be already filled with the duplicated forecast's information and Copy before.


Delete a forecast

To delete a previously created forecast:

  1. Select the desired forecast, by clicking on the check box.
  2. Click on the Homepage_newforecast_deletebutton.png button.
  3. On the pop-up window:
    • Click Homepage_newforecast_deletepopupyes.png to proceed.