Menu tab

The Menu tab is the default view when you log in OneAgent Mobile:


Readiness state

The readiness tab has two view modes: collapsed (only the header is shown) and expanded. Toggle them by clicking Main_plus.png, which changes to Main_less.png when clicked:

Default view: Expanded view:
Main_default.png Main_expanded.png

The large Ready/Not Ready button show your global readiness state:

  • Not Ready - If you are not ready on all your services; the latest not ready reason appears.
    Clicking the button in this state issues a Ready all command.
  • Ready - If you are ready on at least one of your services; if you aren't ready on all your services, an indication appears. Clicking the button in this state issues a Not ready all command.


A scrollabe list of services and your state on the service are shown. Each service has a (short) name, sign-in and ready state (with switch command buttons Main_Signed_in.png or Main_Not_ready.png). You also have access to the full list of readiness operations:

  • Sign in all - Enabled if you are signed-out on at least one service.
  • Sign out all - Enabled if you are signed-in on at least one service.
  • Ready all - Enabled if you are signed-in and not ready on at least one service.
  • Not ready all - Enabled if you are ready on at least one service.


Interaction handling operations

The interactions handling operations tab, by default has the following fields:

  • Search box (1) - Allows to search for supervisor, agents or service numbers for direct call:
    • Click on Show dial options to expand the options screen:
      • On the dial options you can:
        • Select the desired service.
        • Select the outgoing address (the one that will be shown to the person receiving the call).
  • Interaction options (2) - The options available to interact with the selected contact.
  • Expand button (3) - Displays direct contacts (services, agents, supervisors).


Session management

The session tab only appears when an interaction starts:

On the Session tab you can:

  • Assign the interaction to a service (by default is the service the customer called to).
  • Select a business outcome. This is the categorization of how the call went or ended (success, fail, etc.)
    Note: To know how to configure Business Outcomes, click here.
  •  Request Wrapup, where the agent can ask for wrapup time (when there's none or it's required to ask).


Shelf & Queue management

The expanded Shelf & Queue tab shows the Private Shelf, the Public Shelf and the Queue:

Each tab shows the shelved/queued items. Each line has an icon indicating the media type, from address, service and shelf comment. Hovering the mouse over each of the lines shows the available operations: enqueue, pickup and properties.

Clicking each icon picks up the next interaction: data, social, instant message, email or voice.