Use cases

In this article you can see a step by step guide for how to Login:


Successful Login

When you open the OneContactLogin URL you will see a screen asking for a tenant:


  1. Insert the tenant name and click NEXT.
  2. If the tenant is valid you will be asked to insert an Email or Username and a Password.
    Note: You can insert either your email or your username as a login credential.
  3. Insert the Email/Username and Password and click SIGN IN.
  4. If your authentication is set you will be ready for a second step verification, an SMS code will be sent to you:
  5. Insert the code sent to your phone and click SIGN IN.
  6. If it is your first login, a screen appears requiring you to change the password given:
  7. Insert a new password and reinsert it on Confirm new password and click UPDATE PASSWORD. Keep in mind that the inserted password must follow the password policies.
  8. Click on CHECK PASSWORD POLICIES to read the policies on creating a valid password:
  9. If a password is inserted that doesn't follow the password policies an error message will appear:


Forgot password

If you don't remember your password, click on Forgot password?:


Insert your Email/Username and click SUBMIT.

An email is sent to your mailbox, with a password and the screen returns to the screen where an Email/Username and password are asked:

Note: By default, the email previously inserted will already be displayed to receive the password.
Warning: If the password is wrongly inserted more than a certain amount of time (configurable account policies, default is 5) in less than a minute, the user will be locked for a configurable amount of time (5 minutes by default). Resetting the password does not remove this lock (this can be done per request, by submitting  a ticket).