Use cases

On this article you can see a step by step login on the following situations:


Login successful

When you enter the OneContactLogin URL a screen asking for a tenant appears:


  1. Insert the tenant name and click NEXT.
  2. If the tenant is valid, an Email or Username and a Password will be asked:
    Note: You can insert or email or your username as a login credential.
  3. Insert the Email/Username and Password and click SIGN IN.
  4. If your authentication is set for a second step verification, a SMS code will be asked:
  5. Insert the code sent to your phone and click SIGN IN.
  6. If it's your first login, a screen appears requiring you to change the given password:
  7. Insert a new password and reinsert it on Confirm new password and click UPDATE PASSWORD.
    Note: Keep in mind that the inserted password must follow the password policies.
  8. Click on CHECK PASSWORD POLICIES to read the policies on creating a valid password:
  9. If a password is inserted that doesn't follow the password policies an error message will appear:


Forgot password

If you don't remember your password, click on Forgot password?:


Insert your Email/Username and click SUBMIT.

An email is sent to your mailbox, with a password and the screen returns to the screen where an Email/Username and password are asked:

Note: By default, the email previously inserted will already be displayed to receive the password.
Warning: If the password is wrongly inserted more than a certain amount of time (configurable account policies, default is 5) in less than a minute, the user will be locked for a configurable amount of time (5 minutes by default). Resetting the password does not remove this lock (this can be done per request, by submitting  a ticket).