There's a discrepancy in the cube information concerning calls with Direction = 3300 an SessionType = 3301.

When there's a manual call between agents, the call is accounted for on both agents.
Manual calls that have a force logout or instance suspend will show up on RAID but don't show up on [ReportSessionInteractionTerminate] or on cube.
Only if a manual call is properly disconnected the end session event will be sent to Reporting.


Is it possible to extend the current Cube by custom dimensions?

Changing the cube setting is not supported. You can add metadata to interactions through the BusinessData dimension. This is done through the SDK in a similar way to BusinessOutcome.


I'm trying to create a Data Warehouse and I keep getting a Deploying Cube error: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send. What's wrong?

Check if there's a connection to the WebServicesHost. If there's no logs than the request isn't reaching the WebServicesHost. To check the WebServicesHost URL:

  1. Open the BaseServiceHost on localhost.
  2. invoque getComponentURL.
  3. Get the ComponentID = 2026.
  4. Edit the address to insert the propper URL.
  5. Save to apply changes.


Why do we have discrepancies between Agent Interaction Summary and Service Performance Analysis?

If you have reports with different results, please take in account that the measures used on reports are different and provide different results:

  • Queue Interaction Handled Count - Total number of Queue Interactions that were handled in the Queue.
  • Agent Interaction Count - Number of interactions made by the Agent.

The discrepancy can be explained in many ways, for example:

  • Assign Services change the service to which the interaction is assigned.
  • Manual calls in which an assign service is made to an inbound service.

Since other situations can explain this discrepancy to know the real reason, analise the ReportAgentInteractionDetail and ReportQueueInteractionDetail tables.

To know more about measures and measure groups interactions, click here.


I'm getting timeout exceptions while processing the OneContact Analysis Service cube. How can i fix it?

Try increasing the ExternalCommandTimeout property in Analysis Services properties to a sufficient value (possibly several hours, depending on the amount of data and hardware that you have). To know more about Analysis Services click on the link below:


Why do I have Missing Team 11-1 on my teams list?

A report suggesting values, on the parameters drop-down list, like Missing Team xx-x (as shown on the image below), means that these teams no longer exist, were deleted by a supervisor.


This is an expected behavior and does not compromise the report functionality.


When is a call accounted?

A call is counted as Handled the instant the call leaves the queue being answered by the agent (before, the call was counted as Handled when the call ended). Notice the below image as an example call:




How is a call counted when an agent places it back on queue and is answered by another agent?

If a call is delivered (from queue) and answered by an agent, and during the interaction, the agent transfers back the call to the queue of the service in order for the call to be answered by other agent, this call is counted on the Reports twice since it entered the service queue two times:





How is a call counted if it rang on 2 agents?

If the queue tries to deliver a call to an agent (the call starts ringing on the agent’s computer) and the agent doesn't answer the call, the queue tries to deliver the call to another agent. When this other agent answers the call, the call is counted on the Report just once since, despite had ringed on two agents, the call was on the queue once:





Why do I get columns named Textbox when exporting the CSV file of the Reports on OneSupervisor?

Some columns on the CSV may have a name like “Textbox…”. The below images show how to match the missing column names with the columns found on the OneSupervisor Report Viewer:







Why do i get Unknown on my queueoutcome interactions?

When an interaction changes service during queue, since the client is still on queue there is no queueoutcome on the service it changed from. So, the queueoutcome is labelled as Unknown on the service it changed from, and it will be properly labelled on the service he changed to. To know more about queue outcomes, click here.