Can I see who has accessed which recordings?

No, there's no way of knowing who has accessed the recordings.


How can I restrict permissions to the recordings?

Use domain accounts to restrict permissions to the recordings:

  1. Create a domain account that have permissions so a Windows Service can run under that account.
  2. Change Windows Service account of OnePark, OneMedia, ImporterService, SiteWebAccessor and OneSupervisor to the new windows account.
  3. On the globalstorage and recordings storage, change windows permissions from EVERYONE to the new windows account.
  4. On the globalstorage and recordings storage, change sharing permissions from EVERYONE to the new windows account.


Can I change the permissions for some roles?

Yes, you can change the roles permissions.
To know how to edit roles, click here.
To see the user roles and default tasks table, click here.


My agents keep getting a telephone red, on OneAgentWeb. What does it mean?

If OneAgentWeb has the telephony in red, there's no connection or access to mic. 
Click here, to see more information about the OneAgentWeb's status bar.


I can't get OneSupervisor to follow the URL configured on ListManagement for HTTP URL Rewrite.

To get OneSupervisor to supports http redirect, configure the redirect type = 307:

  1. Go to IIS and on DeafaultWebSite, double click on Redirect to HTTPS.
  2. Select 307 on Redirect Type:
  3. Click Apply to save changes.


How can I set different URLs for OneSupervisor and OneAgent?

To set different URLs for OneSupervisor and OneAgent, create a regular expression, on OneAdmin (Configuration > Basic > Hosting). To know more about creating a regular expression in Hosting, click here.


My client complains that Click to Interact has a No instance found error. What's wrong?

If your client has an error like the image below, make sure he has the complete URL.

Keep in mind that the URL has the following format: https://[website]/clicktointeract/?onecontactinstance=[instance].

If the client has an URL https://[website]/clicktointeract/ it will display the No instance found error.



I'm getting a 403 error on OneAgentWeb. What can I do?

Check the web.config and make sure all parameters are as needed for OneAgentWeb to work properly. In an upgrade situation, compare with new_web.config.


My agent's labels, on OneAgentWeb, appear as ????. What can I do?

If you're using Windows Server 2012, create the Mime Types for .Json and .Jsonid on IIS.