Collab provides multiple channels for ticketing reporting:

Channel Address Open Response
Phone +351 210 927 840 Work hours Work hours
Phone (24x7) To be provided Off hours Off hours
Web Always Work hours


Each media channel has its own properties, which must be handled accordingly. Some channels can be used any time, but they are only read\processed during week working hours. Others are only available on a specific period (office support and 24x7 phone numbers).

Independently on the chosen channel used by the customer to report a ticket, all requests will be registered and replied by email.

When a customer has a critical or major issue, it must contact Collab by phone, so that its request can be treated in accordance with the severity of the incident.

Warning: SMS and voice mail should NEVER be used as a mean of incident reporting on these numbers.



Tickets can be reported by phone – for office or 24x7 phone numbers. These tickets will always be subsequently registered on the ticketing application.

During the phone call, the Support member will collect all relevant information to process the ticket.

Office Number (Work hours - 8 AM to 7 PM [Lisbon time]):

  • +351 21 092 78 40 (PT)
  • +442037501244 (UK)

24x7 Number (Off hours - 7 PM to 8 AM [Lisbon time]):

  • To be provided
Note: To see the current Lisbon time click here.



Customers can access directly to the Collab Support site ( to create new tickets or to check existing ones.

Tickets inserted through this channel are processed as emails. This means that a ticket created or replied using the web interface, will be replied back with an email response.

To create an account, just register on the Collab Support site and contact de support department in order to have this account validated an assigned permissions to access all project opened tickets. 

Note: To know more about submitting a request, click here.



When a Support engineer is located on the customer premises, it can receive reports verbally. This request will be later registered and sent by email, even if the reply was already given verbally.