About support

Collab provides two yearly support contract types:

  • Standard (or office hours)
  • 24x7

Each of these contracts specifies why and when a customer can access the support line.

Note: Keep in mind which contract type your company have and if it did not expire.


When to use support line

Access to support line depends on the severity of the problem, time of day and contract type:

Severity Working day Non Working day
  08:00 - 19:00 [Lisbon time] 19:00 - 8:00 [Lisbon time]  



24x7 24x7



24x7 24x7





Severity classification uses the following definition:

Critical (1) – Critical errors severely affect service, capacity\traffic, functionality or maintenance capabilities, and require immediate attention to its recovery.

Major (2) – Major errors with impact on system operation, maintenance and administration, etc. and require immediate attention but less urgent than in Critical situations because of a lesser immediate or impending effect on system performance, End-users, and End-user’s operation and revenue.

Note: To see the current Lisbon time click here.


What to report

When reporting an incident, please, provide the following information:

  • Description of the problem, bad behavior or defect.
  • Indication if it is punctual, random or constant.
  • Any troubleshoot that has been done.
  • Version of the running system.
  • If remote access has been set, provide access to the servers, if not, collect and send all relevant logs, trace and system information.
Tip: Providing remote access, allows Collab support technical staff to be more proactive and efficient in diagnosing and solving the reported problems.