PRTG configuration

After installing PRTG Network Monitoring:

  1. Access the web interface, to start building your monitoring system.
    Note: PRTG will bind the web interface to port 8080, so you can access it through, with the following information:
    • Login Name: prtgadmin
    • Password: prtgadmin
  2. After entering the portal, access the Configuration Menu, and click on Run Configuration Guru:
  3. Access the Configure Administrator Account and set a new password for the admin account. Click Save & Next to apply changes and proceed.
    Note: You can edit the login name, the display name, the email account for the admin user and change the password.
  4. Enter an AD domain name (if there is an Active Directory) and the administrator username and password to be used by the WMI. 
    Note: Since some sensors use WMI to get the device performance counters, PRTG needs to have administrative rights.
  5. Configure the SNMP Credentials, to capture the SNMP traps sent by OneContact. On the SNMP Credentials menu, use customized settings by selecting the “Yes, I need to enter my own settings” and the change the SNMP Version to v1 (the version used by OneContact). Click Save & Next to apply changes and proceed.