Upgrade version

To upgrade the QM:

  1. Stop QualityMonitoringAppPool.
  2. In {Instance}_QualityMonitoring database:
    • Execute the change script from the installed version to the desired one (e.g.: to change the QM from the version 2.0.3 to the 2.2.0, execute the change script QualityMonitoring210.sql and QualityMonitoring220.sql).
    • Execute the granst.sql.
  3. In QualityMonitoring folder:
    • Create a copy of web.config.
    • Replace QualityMonitoring files (less the web.config copy).
    • Set the configuration in the new web.config (use the copy as your guide to set the actual configurations, and delete the copy after the configuration is done).
  4. Start QualityMonitoringAppPool.
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