Introducing OneForecast

The OneForecast module, allows users to generate forecasts for the services in the contact center.


There are several methods that the system uses to generate the forecasts based on each service's historical information. These methods can be chosen at the time of the forecast creation.

It's also possible to upload a forecast for a service from either an inbound Excel template or an outbound Excel template. You can make the needed manual adjustments to the generated forecasts and you also copy the forecast of a typical service to the forecast of a new service (one that doesn't have historical data). 

Note: By default users with the role of administrator are intended to be the sole users with access to OneForecast. 

OneForecast's main view is composed of the following entities:

  • Menu bar - OneForecast's menu allows you to manage the following:
    • Forecast
    • Services
    • Generators
    • Reporting
    • Option
  • Chart panel - The chart panel is composed of:
    • Toolbar
    • Chart area


The OneForecast's homepage shows you the list of created forecasts:


On OneForecast homepage, you can:

  • Create a new forecast.
  • Open a previously created forecast.
  • Duplicate a previously created forecast.
  • Delete a previously created forecast.